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Does a Logo Really Need to Have a Meaning?

Do you really need your logo (also affectionately called a logomark by laymen) to have meaning? By the way, what is the "meaning"? Let's suppose you've been selling cupcakes for a while and your sales are growing. Then you start thinking about making this business your main source of income. So, you decide to create your visual identity (which is a very positive thing)!

You hire a designer and they create your visual identity with a cupcake and the name "Your Name Here Cupcakes".

The question is: does it make sense to create a visual identity without any meaning, just with a literal logo, with a drawing of what you do and a generic name?

And can this harm your sales?

Well, let's answer this in parts: the first answer is no.

It makes no sense for you to invest in a visual identity, pay a lot for it to become just another company in the market.

If you want to create a visual identity, it's because you want to differentiate yourself from other companies, right? Exactly!

It makes no sense for you to have to hire a designer to make a copy of something you saw and found beautiful in another bakery, do you know why?

Because no one wants imitation, no client wants imitation.

Every client, when they see a brand, thinks of all the values and benefits it adds to their life. Even those who buy replica Nike shoes (hello Nike, sponsor me) want to buy the original, but don't have the money for it, so they buy the fake with the brand.

In the world of entrepreneurship, stability is a sign of stagnation.

Every entrepreneur wants their business to grow, not to remain stagnant. So, with your visual identity, you may continue to attract the same clientele as always, gaining a few more customers with the new look, but you won't attract a class of customers looking for differentiation (those who usually pay MUCH more) but rather low prices.

Advice before creating your logo

What I recommend to you is: YES, create your visual identity, but create it with meaning!

Abstract something that only you have differently.

You know that spice that only you have? That unique way of creating something? That often you think is a flaw of yours?

There's your differential! Use it to your advantage. It's the difference that will make you grow amidst so many other corner companies.

The big difference between corner companies and the growing company is precisely what they have strange and innovative because it arouses curiosity.

Research A LOT, inform yourself, come up with a name that is unique! That arouses curiosity in people.


Bring meaning to your company. I recommend that you make a business plan and have all the details of your company in an organized way.

Hire a trustworthy designer, one that gives you credibility, that puts together a robust briefing to bring out the best in your business.

This way, it's possible to create a brilliant, innovative visual identity without having to resemble the neighbor's bakery. Invest! You'll see the results in the future!

That's it, thank you very much for reading, and until the next post!


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