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Marble Surface

Consultoria de marca para empresas

Já tem um negócio e ele estagnou, não melhora e você não sabe o que fazer? Talvez você esteja precisando de uma consultoria personalizada focada nos pontos a melhorar do seu negócio. Vem saber mais!



A consultoria personalizada para marcas pessoais e empresas é um processo de analise minuciosa da sua marca para saber o que vocês como empresa estão errando e onde precisam melhorar.

Você receberá um documento por escrito relatando tudo que seria necessário modificar na sua marca, o que precisa inovar, mudar e o que deve continuar na sua estratégia.


vai colocar seu
negócio nos

Se você já tem uma identidade visual, já tá com todo o processo pronto, não há necessidade de começar do zero. Basta a consultoria para colocar seu negócio nos eixos novamente.


você vai focar naquilo que 

A consultoria de marca é fantástica, porque vai te mostrar o que realmente funciona para a sua marca. Isso faz você economizar dinheiro e focar nas estratégias do que realmente importa.

visão de águia

você vai receber
dicas de ouro!

Ouvir a opinião de um profissional, vendo sua marca por outro ponto de vista, pode te dar insights valiosos que podem mudar completamente a sua forma de abordagem. O que faz você lucrar mais e mais rápido!


para quem serve a consultoria?

A consultoria é indicada para empresários e autônomos que estão tentando evoluir sua marca mas que se encontram estagnados ou para empresários e autônomos que buscam melhorar suas posições no mercado e se tornarem mais valiosos e importantes.

  • How long does it take to create a visual identity?
    First of all: design, visual identity and branding is not done overnight. It requires time, dedication, research and market analysis, this means that it will not be possible to create an incredible brand in less than a week. It usually takes me around 1 week to do the market research to find out where and how your brand can fit in in an original way and another week to create the design and vectorization, so it takes around 15 to 30 days or even more, it depends a lot on the customer, the complexity of the order, the size of the order as well. If the person is indecisive or doesn't know what he wants, time stretches, but if the person has a good business plan and is focused, it is quickly possible to create good art.
  • How do I communicate with the studio during the creation process?
    The dialogue is 100% digital and online and written. There is no need to meet in person or be on the phone answering questions. This (written) way is much safer for you, as we will have everything documented, from beginning to end. It's more practical, safer and it's not impersonal or "morbid" to use text to communicate. Hundreds of customers have already been served this way and we only have praise for the service, so we will maintain the form that best serves customers. The coolest thing about all this is that you'll only have to worry about answering the questionnaire, seeing the previews and approving it, no need to keep making appointments to talk about terms you don't even understand. See how practical it is?
  • Do you only create the logo?
    We don't create anymore, because we believe that the logo alone is not capable of meeting the brand's need for branding. The logo is only 10% of what is needed for a complete brand. For this reason, we always recommend that you create the entire visual identity (business cards, patterns, social networks, etc.) so that everything is as professional as possible.
  • I need a project very urgently, do you do it?"
    It's possible, but we don't recommend it. It is important to emphasize that our work works according to an agenda. You make the payment and wait for your visual identity to be created, when you need it urgently, it's as if you were "jumping the queue" and passing in front of the other customers, that's why we charge urgency fee. The fee is proportional to the need, order complexity and delivery date.
  • Do you have an image bank?
    We do not have an image bank. The photos and images that will be part of the project are the responsibility of the client and if he has legal problems with that image, we are not responsible. Make sure the images and fonts you choose are cleared for commercial use before using them, as we are not responsible for images or fonts that are not our own and do not have a free commercial license. If the customer insists on using the image, we will, but without any responsibility for what may happen.
  • Do you show artwork before payment?
    We don't show art before payment confirmation because there are people who ask for it, don't pay and still hinder the studio from serving other customers, so we don't work with pre-sale art.
  • Can I ask for changes if something in the art I don't like?
    It can. You are entitled to 3 free changes to the same artwork. From the 4th amendment onwards, a fee of 10% will be charged, which is proportional to the value of the order and must be paid as soon as it is requested. If the art is completely rejected and we notice that the briefing does not match what the client is asking for in this new change, this change will be charged, regardless of the number of changes that have already been made. Therefore, we ask that you answer the briefing carefully and with care, as a fuzzy and poorly completed briefing will result in additional charges.
  • Is completing the briefing mandatory?
    It is essential and mandatory. If the customer objects to answering or answers incorrectly, he will be aware that he will have to pay for the alterations and work carried out beyond the allowed quota (of 3 free alterations per artwork). Read all the information about it in the BRIEFING section of this FAQ.
  • How many art previews will I receive?
    You will receive up to 3 free previews, the fourth will be charged for a separate change, proportional to what was requested. Here at the studio we have our own method that consists of evaluating the market, competition, target audience, color palette, persona in order to find the best possible art for your business. We don't work with multiple previews here, as we work with brand strategy and aim at what sells the most and that best fits your business, so it doesn't make sense to send multiple previews of an art that has an already defined direction.< /p> We will send you the art that best fits your type of business and your niche and, from there, the client can ask for changes that aim to improve the art, so that it is the best possible and pleases the customer as much as possible. customer and the target audience of your business. Branding is very different from visual identity! Here we are not focused on making cute and fluffy art, but art that has meaning and most importantly: that sells! Artwork that is professional and well positioned for your company's success.
  • Do you have a font bank?
    Yes, we buy professional fonts and have some free commercially licensed ones that we use in creating the artwork. If the customer insists on a source that is paid or commercial use is not allowed, he may be penalized in court. We will let you know and make it clear that the font cannot be used commercially. If the customer insists, the responsibility will be 100% on the customer.
  • Does the studio make the stationery without creating the logo?
    To create great stationery, you need to make a good logo, so we DON'T. Answer: what's the use of investing in stationery if you don't even have the logo that is the base? Stationery alone will not speak for itself. Therefore, we prefer to create stationery with logo included, after all, the cost-benefit is greater than making all the stationery personalized and then having to change everything in the future when there is money left over to create the logo.
  • I already have the art of my visual identity. Can I print with you?
    We do not, because we are not a graphic, we are a design studio and the printing is done only with the arts that we have 100% responsibility for. We prefer to print the arts we make for our customers to ensure maximum print quality and the customer does not have to worry about bureaucracy, technical and graphic terms.
  • Do you do low-run printing?
    A lot depends on the order. For office stationery, we normally print from 100 pieces. Fine and more delicate stationery, such as hotstamping cards, usually from 500 units and stationery and packaging from 500 to 1000 units. For other items, it is necessary to consult values via budget.
  • How is the impression calculated?
    The impression is calculated based on the quantity of impressions, size, material and finish. Example: a tag, size 9x5 cm, coated paper material and golden hotstamping finish + matte lamination. Each of these specifications will result in the final value of your order.
  • Do you ship to all Brazil?
    We ship worldwide! By mail! :D
  • Is shipping free?
    Shipping is free when the purchase (art + printing) exceeds BRL 250, below that shipping is calculated according to the zip code.
  • Does the studio print large scale?
    Our studio is focused on small companies and our goal is to create the final art and visual identity, so our maximum printing margin is 2500 units. For larger quantities, the ideal is to request a specialized graphic to request the printing.
  • I changed the printing method  of my order, does my quote change?"
    Yes, if you change the finish, change the material, size or quantity, the amount proportional to this modification will be charged, which must be paid by the customer, otherwise the printing will be carried out according to the initial budget.< /p> This even impacts the cost of shipping and logistics, so yes!
  • How is payment for studio services made?
    Payment is made via bank slip or credit card in up to 12 installments. We accept Paypal, Wirecard, PicPay or PagSeguro. We also accept Nubank and bank deposit and transfer. Transfers always have a discount and paying in up to 3 installments is interest-free. It is important to point out that the art will only begin to be made after payment CONFIRMATION, therefore we do not work with "pre-sale" art, especially when these include printing, since the printing budget is valid for 15 days and the Artwork values may change without notice.
  • Is it possible to pay by card? Is it interest free?
    It is possible to pay in up to 12 installments with interest on the card. We are working to make interest-free payments easier, but for purchases over 1000 reais we can pay in up to 3 interest-free installments. If you buy with bank slip, there is a 5% discount on top of the total order value.
  • Is the payment secure?
    We make payment requests only with highly secure websites such as Paypal, Pagseguro, PicPay, Nubank and Wirecard. If the customer wishes, it is also possible to make a bank transfer or bank deposit into the PagSeguro and Nubank account. Transfers can be made via Pix, TED or DOC and you must request your personalized quote to get discounts.
  • How do discounts work?
    By referring a friend and this friend closes a quote with the studio, you will get a 10% discount on your friend's order value. This means that if your friend made an order of 100 reais, you will have a 10 reais discount on their next purchase, if they made an order of 1000 reais, you would have a 100 reais discount on their next purchase, and so on . :D Nice huh?
  • Can I make bank transfer / deposit? Do you have a discount?
    You can, and yes, there are discounts! :D However, the order will only begin to be carried out after confirmation of payment. It is important to send proof via WhatsApp (11) 95791 - 4246 or by email
  • Does the studio issue invoices to companies?
    Soon yes! Because we have CNPJ and we are a company too. We will soon issue the budget and invoice if the person is a legal representative. There is no need to issue invoices for individuals, but if the customer is interested, it will soon be possible to issue invoices as well. We are working to make this possible. <3
  • What is a logo?
    A logo is a symbol that will characterize your company. More than an investment, it is crucial for anyone who decides once and for all that they want to have a successful company. People will look at this design and understand that it matches your business. The great importance of this is to leave your brand in people's minds, so that they remember you and buy again in the future. Besides, it leaves a more professional view than "uncle's shop around the corner" that we don't know the name, you know? Our logo creation is based on market research and the briefing that is sent to the client. Through these questions, it is possible to create an interesting, creative and strategic visual identity.
  • Does the studio do brand redesign?
    Yes, but the redesign is done when the brand already has a sharp and targeted business strategy and the logo is outdated and needs an upgrade. Otherwise, we will do everything from scratch. It's no use doing a redesign on top of a bankrupt visual identity. The best thing is to do everything right and start over on the right foot. Still don't have a business strategy? Click here and make your business strategy for free.
  • I want to create a brand, now what?"
    The creation of a brand goes far beyond the creation of a logo. It is important to emphasize that a logo alone does not make a brand. A brand is a combination of factors, behaviors, characteristics, colors and even flavors that transform your company into a remarkable and profitable business. Okay, you might know that, but what people don't usually know is that BEFORE creating a brand, you need to create a Business Plan. ​ This business plan is very important, because it will define, at first, what is the purpose of your brand, what it intends to convey to people, what is the personality of this brand (is it feminine, is it youthful, rebellious? etc.), what are the customers you want to have. Only from this data is it possible to start creating your visual identity. Don't have a business plan yet? Make yours by clicking here and only after you have your Business Plan ready, hire our visual identity service.
  • I saw an art that I liked and want to copy, does the studio do it?"
    We do not copy art from other designers. :)
  • I have a pre-made logo and I want to keep it, does the studio adjust this logo?"
    We do not work with third-party logo adjustment or any modification on top of the art of other professionals. The studio's mission is to create an authoritative and interesting visual identity, based on its type of business. It's like I always say: what's the use of having your visual identity renewed if it's bankrupt and without any purpose?
  • I already have artwork and would like to make just a few changes. Does the studio do this kind of work?
    As long as the customer is aware that changes will be charged as new art, yes we do.
  • Is sending the briefing mandatory?
    Sending the briefing is MANDATORY and the client, when closing a quote with us, needs to be fully responsible for the shipment. The project will remain on hold until the client can submit the full brief.
  • Can I send in the briefing what I thought?
    Not only can you, but should send everything you have in mind, as this information will be considered when carrying out the creative process. We will take into account what you thought and make the adaptations as necessary so that the project pleases the client, but also has a professional finish and aimed at your target audience.
  • I changed my mind about what I had put in the briefing. And now?
    Changing your mind, such as colors and minor changes is fully tolerable, within the limit of 3 free changes. When completely modifying the project, at the end of it, it will be charged as if it were a new project, since when modified, the previous project will completely lose its value and must be discarded.
  • What happens if I DO NOT respond to the briefing?
    If the client refuses to fill in the briefing, the project will be stopped for up to 30 days, so that the (3) free changes can be guaranteed.. p> If the client REFUSES, delays or forgets the briefing and exceeds the 30-day period (1 month including non-working days such as Saturdays, Sundays and holidays), the creative process will start and this NOT you will be entitled to free changes, since you have neglected to answer the form. IN THIS CASE, ALL CHANGES WILL BE CHARGED, NO EXCEPTIONS. The form (briefing) ensures that what the customer requested is carried out. The briefing prevents diverse and unrelated changes from being made, so it is crucial that the briefing is delivered for the creative process to be completed successfully.
  • I forgot to put some information in the briefing, can I send the rest to the studio via email or WhatsApp?"
    Yes, feel free to send as much information as you want, because the more information you have about your project, the closer to your expectations it will be. The briefing helps the designer to have a visual orientation of the project and helps us to understand what you want and thought for your brand. As long as you DO NOT deviate from what is already there in the briefing, you can send images, texts and color palettes or more information to us on WhatsApp.
  • Do you register the trademark with the INPI?
    We are not the ones who do it, since the registration of a trademark at the INPI can only be carried out by the owner of the trademark, which in this case would be you and / or a professional specialized in legal matters, who will carry out the process charging a fee for his work . Designers, illustrators and marketing professionals cannot make or intermediate a trademark registration with the INPI. This process is the sole responsibility of the owner of the logo. That is why we have a partnership with E-Marcas, a company with more than 20 years of experience in trademark registration, focused on small and micro companies. You can find out about the trademark registration service by clicking here.
  • What is copyright registration?
    The copyright registration is a DIGITAL document with legal validity throughout the national territory that is issued by a company specialized in copyright, hired by our studio solely and exclusively to carry out this process. We pay the company and it is the one who does the entire process of registering the logo. The copyright registration legally guarantees that the logo design is in your possession and that you can appeal in court in cases of plagiarism, misuse or violation strong>.
  • What do I need to register my logo?
    The copyright registration is already included in the value of the visual identity packages that include a logo since June 2020. You only need to inform your CPF and full name so that we can register the brand in your name. In the briefing itself there is a field to fill in the full name and CPF where it will be placed on the record.
  • Where do I keep my registration?
    Your record must be kept in a safe place, such as the cloud (Google Drive, One Drive, etc.) or on a pen drive that can guarantee the security of the file. In this case, the registration of the logo is a file in PDF format that we send as an attachment in the email.
  • Can I ask for a full refund?
    If your order has not been started, we will make the full return within 7 working days. Otherwise, the refund will be partial, that is, 50% of what was paid. We will not make returns after work has started, what you can do is request another service in place of the one you ordered, if this order has not been started. The art that is made for the client takes time, materials, electricity in addition to hours of study and design on top and in the end we will not be able to reuse the art, much less resell it. Therefore, we will not refund the money, we just authorize, with the risk of changing the budget, that the customer can use the order value to create another art or print. The person will have one type of voucher for the value of the order and will be able to place an order in place of another, of the same value.
  • I want to give up the project, what now?"
    If no art has been made and the maximum period of 30 days has passed to complete the briefing, the money will be PARTIALLY refunded, that is, only 50% of what was paid, because from the moment you schedule your visual identity, we stopped serving another customer in his place and we left with a very big loss. Therefore, we will not refund the money in full.
  • I bought the templates in the store, but I regret it, can I ask for a return?"
    No, because they are digital files and, from the moment the access link is made available, it is not possible to prevent their use, because you will not be able to return these files to us, therefore returns would be impossible.
  • How long is the quote valid for?
    The quote we issue via WhatsApp, facebook, instagram or email is valid for 15 working days, so after this date, it is necessary to request the quote again, as the amounts change according to the delivery date and impressions, which Values vary daily.
  • I want to hire the studio's services on a monthly basis. It's possible?
    Yes, as we are a company, we provide services to other companies that constantly need new art and advertisements, as well as content for social networks. If you're interested, we can talk about it: submit a form at the bottom of this page or click here and we'll get back to you ASAP .
  • How is the budget made for companies? Is it different from small entrepreneurs?
    Companies have more capital and promotional materials that need an even more professional finish than small start-up entrepreneurs. So the budget amount for larger companies is higher than for small companies. Basically the budget value is as follows: MEI and self-employed < Micro Companies < Small Companies < Medium Companies < Large Companies and Corporations
  • How is the budget carried out?
    The quote can be requested via WhatsApp to make your life easier. It will be shipped within 2 days. It is important to note that it may take a few days for us to respond via email because there is only one person answering, so please be patient and I will respond to you shortly. <3

escolha a que mais se encaixa na sua necessidade

De R$ 149 por

$ 129

A consultoria básica é para quem precisa avaliar sua identidade visual e o que precisa melhorar.

Análise de logo e marca

Possíveis melhorias

O que deve continuar

Dicas para impactar


De R$ 489

$ 389

A consultoria premium aborda a identidade visual de sua marca e seu branding (parte estratégica da marca).

Tudo da consultoria básica

Análise do branding

Estratégias de marketing

Dicas para impactar

Análise de mercado

De R$ 799 por

$ 689

A consultoria vip aborda toda a parte de identidade visual, branding, atendimento ao cliente e redes sociais. 

Tudo do kit básico

Tudo do kit premium

Análise comp. de mercado

Dicas extras

Suporte por 30 dias

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Deseja mais algum serviço ou precisa adicionar mais algum detalhe em sua consultoria? Solicite um orçamento personalizado.

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