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Where to buy aesthetic, cool, and original decorative posters online?

I notice it's very difficult to find material on the internet discussing copyright art, especially those that stray from the repetitive posters on AliExpress and Shopee. I tried searching for "aesthetic decorative posters" on Google and Pinterest, and the same illustrations kept appearing repeatedly, with most of them being digital and very few printed.

Quadro aesthetic vintage anos 50 ilustração
Conheça a minha coleção de arte Retro inspirada nos anos 50

We know that printing copied art doesn't look good because it's not the original artwork. This aspect of low resolution diminishes and ruins the décor of the space, which you probably don't want.

On TikTok, we also see some incredible artists, but soon it becomes a trend and everyone ends up having the same décor, which honestly takes away from the charm for décor enthusiasts!

For those seeking a more eccentric, exclusive, personalized, and original décor, it's ideal to explore other alternatives online.

That's why I'm sharing this post with you to introduce you to my work (why not?). Let me introduce you to my design studio and my work in digital illustration.

If you're looking for 100% original and printed art, on the best paper in the market, using the most eco-friendly and reliable inks, aiming to minimize environmental impact by printing in very low editions, and also receiving a certificate of authenticity, you're in the right place.

Colorful, interesting, and unique to decorate your space, my style is very retrofuturistic. I love incorporating vibrant colors, pastel tones, and artistically representing fashion, history, and even pop