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What is Visual Identity and What Are the Benefits of Having Yours?

Do you know what a visual identity is and how important it is? Every entrepreneur keeps talking about investing in this and that, but neglects the existence of one of the most important investments: the visual one. And this isn't just for entrepreneurs, it applies to freelancers as well!

Let me tell you straight away that visual identity is a pattern of visual communication that symbolizes your company.

Your logo, your business card, your tags and stickers, the banner you use in your establishment (or website), all the stationery items that have your logo on them are your visual identity.

I can also say that the color palette you use and your style (whether it's delicate, retro, modern, etc.) are also part of the visual identity.

Between us, I know you say it's a waste of time to make "a little card that you're not sure if you'll use" or "that you don't have the money for right now," but if you need to invest to start a business, design in the beginning can (and will) change the trajectory of your company.

Why have an original visual identity?

Why? Because design sells, and it sells A LOT. Have you ever stopped to think why a brand's phone is worth 7,000 reais and yet people buy it?

The secret isn't "technology," because similar phones work just as well and cost 2,000 or less.So where's the secret? DESIGN! Yes! Eureka!

Tell me, have you ever wanted to buy an Apple product just because you found it... beautiful and inexplicably attractive?

It's because Apple's investment in graphic interface design and product design is exorbitant, making the company stand out and gain value in the market! Not to mention the company's visual identity, which is sensational!

Now that you know what it means and how important it is to invest in visual identity, I'd like to ask you a question: Is your visual identity really "communicating" with your target audience?

Do you want to sell your products to a more sophisticated audience but you're there with a shoddy logo, a weak visual identity made by your nephew...

Stop and think, put yourself in your customer's shoes: you, with money, being able to choose from various companies, would you buy from your store? Would you buy valuable products from a company that lacks professionalism?

So why do you think your customer will buy from you?

Visual identity conveys credibility, professionalism, shows that you truly care about your customer.

And yes, you will be much more praised when you have a cool design and new customers will almost magically appear.

So, if you're interested in renewing your visual identity but don't know where to start, our studio is open to welcome you and transform your company.

That's it, and I'm glad you read the text! Don't forget to read the other posts I've made with all my care to help you on this journey!

Kisses and until the next post!


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