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Is Having a Business Card Still Useful?

The business card is one of those items that I believe a good portion of the population, especially those working in the tertiary and corporate sectors, still use.

For those who don't know what a business card is, it's a small card that includes your name, phone number, email, and other contact information, along with the logo of the company (yours or the company you work for).

This card contains only the most relevant information to establish contact with the client, so we avoid putting unnecessary texts or information.

Okay, but does it still make sense to use a paper card in the internet age?

What if I told you it does?

The business card is still a great ally in face-to-face meetings

This means that it's much more interesting to give a beautiful and professional card to your potential client than to write your phone number on a piece of paper.

Think about it: what gives you the feeling of professionalism and preparedness will always be the best alternative!

A beautiful business card often makes us interested in the name of the professional written on it. This can bring you clients without much effort.

After all, the person looks at your card, searches your name on Google, finds your website or social media, and starts following your work, or even better: buying from you and becoming a loyal customer.

We must bear in mind that, as much as the world is very digital nowadays, we are still human, and we like tangible, tactile, physical things. This is important for us. We need to feel things.

But what if I only work online?

It doesn't matter if you work online or in person. You see people, talk to them every day (unless you're a hermit, haha).

So you need a way to communicate with these people without relying 100% on digital means.

The card may not be so "useful" for you who work online, but as soon as you go somewhere and talk to someone, who knows someone else who needs your services, you give this card to that person, who can jot down your number and share it with dozens of people.

Remember: it's not about converting millions of clients. What matters is converting GOOD clients.

If you give your card to a person who is a potential client, they may be friends with other people who are similar to them, bringing you more clients like that person.

And that's amazing!

Traditional Business Card vs. PDF Digital Card

But getting back to the subject of the card, the ideal is: have your cards. Even if it's just about 100 units, for you to carry in your wallet when you go out.

Or a digital card to share via WhatsApp. Don't forget that word-of-mouth and face-to-face marketing is the most valuable for your work or company.

And if you need a brand new business card, don't hesitate to request your quote here at the studio, after all, you're already here! It costs nothing and is without obligation.

What does it cost (nothing because the quote is without obligation!)?

Until the next post!


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