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5 Signs You Need a New Visual Identity (or Rebranding)!

Have you ever stopped to think about the first impression your visual communication gives to your client?

Put yourself in their shoes and imagine selling something to yourself, using all the "tools" you have.

  • Would you buy from yourself?

  • Would you find it too amateurish to purchase?

An interesting tip is to ask your client sincerely what they think about the visual identity.

Ask them what is the first name that comes to mind when they see your brand. Affection? Amateurism? Handmade? Beginner? Backyard? Well, depending on the answer, you should start rethinking your visual strategy.

sinais de que você está precisandLogomarca personalizada monograma - Identidade visualo de uma nova identidade visual!
Logomarca personalizada monograma - Identidade visual

You've had the same look for over 10 years

If your visual identity has been stagnant since the 2000s... with those "strange" low-resolution 3D effects and weird colors, I'm sorry to say: it's outdated and it's time for an upgrade!

You know what the customer thinks about your visual identity? One word/feeling: neglect.

Yes, a company is like a person (hence the term "legal entity"), imagine if your company were a person trying to sell something to someone all poorly dressed, dirty, and with completely mismatched clothes.

Weird, right? Think of it as your job! It's what will provide for your livelihood. If you've been working on it for years, you need to invest more to keep your business profitable.

The image doesn't match what you sell

Imagine a lingerie company with a logo in candy colors or a bakery with a logo in black and red tones.

  • Which one is the bakery?

  • And which one is the sex shop?

Or if you've changed the style of product you sell but still in the same industry, redesign it. If you don't know what a redesign is, we have a post about it here.

You're ashamed to display your logo

If you're ashamed to show your logo to someone, how will that person discover that you exist?

The logo is the image that associates with your company, so it should be displayed wherever possible so that people remember, remember, and remember.

Remember: the human brain memorizes through repetition, especially adults! So show off that logo, friend (but also create a good visual identity).

Your logo is generic

One fine day, you decided to create a visual identity for your company.

So you went on those freelancer designer websites that make logos for $50 or went to the nearby print shop and bought a logo.

At the time, you thought it was a great deal because now your company has a design of its own, but as soon as you look around, you see thousands of logos similar to yours on the street, on social media, and everywhere else.

Worse, the logo is bland.

In short: it's not a visual identity at all.

Visual identity is self-explanatory. It brings an identity to your company. If your logo is generic, you have no identity at all. Simple as that.

Your visual identity lacks a branding project

Do you know what branding is? If you want to understand more about it, read the post I wrote about this art of turning companies into a brand here.

Brand and company are very different things, but that doesn't mean they don't go hand in hand.

Branding allows you to become a powerhouse, with meaning and originality.

Trust me, one of the most important things nowadays is to have a differential. Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur nowadays; it's trendy.

There's no problem with that, the problem is doing the same as everyone else thinking you're going to create your brand.

So, hire a good designer (modestly, I can help you), and create a decent project. Geez, think of the money you're wasting on some meaningless arts out there that could be invested in a good designer. Priorities!!!!

These are the tips I've been giving to my clients.

It's not always necessary to update your visual identity, but if you need to, you can count on us as long as our schedule is open. Send a message on our contact page! I'm waiting for you there!

That's it! See you later!


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