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The personal visual identity for Fashion Consultant Luciana Bollmann expresses sophistication, personality and femininity.



Luciana Bollmann is a fashion and style consultant and personal shopper for upper-middle class women, so she needed a visual identity that would reinforce her personality and her personal brand, transmitting confidence to her clients.


As the aim is to create a personal brand, we prioritize the use of the monogram with the initials of the consultant. The angles around the monogram highlight the purpose of the consultancy, which is to find your own style according to your limitations and virtues, fitting your own standard of beauty.

# ba9493


# fef4f4

# e5f4f4

# f2ede3

# ede7e4



With the rise of Instagram, the uplift of self-love and "finding yourself in chaos" came to light after so many criticisms of the forced and surreal beauty pattern that fashion and the media spread daily.

With this, he highly valued the "personal" and coaching professionals, who help the client to find his strengths and his personality. Among these professionals are fashion consultants, who in their consultancy find their strengths and value the client's body model, skin tone and lifestyle.

Thinking about all this, we studied the creation of the personal brand based on the color palette used in the visual identity, it is the same personal color palette of Luciana herself!

We use pastel tones to further emphasize your brand and have a little bit of your personality in a subtle way and without childishness (yes, it is possible to use pastel tones without looking childish).

We are a family owned and operated business.

Fashion professionals, because they work with the image, need to give a professional image to their clients. That is why visual identity and branding are very strong allies to the fashion professional, especially the fashion and style consultants.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Working on the brand identity reinforces your professionalism towards the customer (after all, you work directly with the image, it would be ironic not to worry about the professional self image, right?).

We are a family owned and operated business.

If you are a fashion consultant, be sure to prioritize your personal brand, it is extremely important and makes you stand out from the crowd. So, ask for a quote with us , we have several special kits for freelancers!



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How about requesting a quote to create your brand new visual identity?

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