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Have a WIX site to be proud of!

You should probably ask yourself how we created our website and if you can have an equal. The answer is yes! Surely you can have a startup style website and without making an effort, let's get to know it?


Create your WIX site with those who understand web design, branding and entrepreneurship!

If you are looking for a studio to create your new Wix site, you are in the right place! Our studio specializes in creating websites on the platform and we currently work only with it. Even this site that you are now was created 100% on the Wix platform!

We wouldn't recommend a platform that we don't approve of, would you agree? We will give you the best of web design, strategy and SEO in one project! Below, we will explain a little of how the whole process works, let's go?

Why we believe Wix

it's the best


for the little



it's practical

The small entrepreneur does not have time to deal with the technical part of his business. In wix, there is everything from scheduling, marketing to SEO.

It's simple

You can quickly configure your website, especially if you create your theme here in the studio. With a few clicks you are ready to advertise and you will not need to do anything else.

it's economical

Setting up a website on other platforms can be a little exhausting. You will need a programmer, buy domain, hosting, web designer, seo analyst, whew! In wix there are all these functions in one tool!


how does the process work?

It is necessary that you already have a Wix website, that is, you have registered on the platform and purchased at least one of the premium plans in order to create your website! Create your Wix website at and pay for our kits or order your 100% personalized. Take a look at how easy it is!



First, we set up your personalized budget or you purchase one of our kits.



After a lot of research and scribbling, we will send you your preview, now online.



After payment confirmation, we will send a briefing for you to fill out.



When it is approved, we will send your order by email! And from there only joy!

Why do your website here in the studio?

you will have a perfect and unique website!

Our design makes noise wherever it goes! Imagine just having a website made by us? Modesty part, you will have a website that looks like a startup!


It comes out of the oven ready to use.

Ready to put the car on the street! We know that small entrepreneurs have haste and precision in their projects and that is what we will deliver to you.


with everything you need.

We will configure your site so that it can be found on google, we will make forms, favicons, blog and more. Your website will have everything you need and more.


kits ready for the platform according to the plan you choose.

These kits below are based on each Wix plan kit and you can choose your plan according to the complexity of your project. If none fits your needs, contact us for a personalized quote !

$ 997

From R $ 1299,90 per

in cash

The basic plan is perfect for those just starting out and only needs a few pages online.

1 complete home page

1 page about

1 contact page

1 services page

Complete SEO

$ 2397

From R $ 2789.90 per

in cash

For a small business or ecommerce that seeks professionalism and practicality.

Everything from the unlimited kit

Advanced SEO

Config. Blog, Store, etc.

3+ more pages

Technical assistance (3 months)

$ 1227

From R $ 1499.90 per

in cash

This plan is for freelancers who need a simple but very complete website.

Everything from the basic kit

Complete SEO

Blog Configuration

+2 personalized pages

More interactive design

$ 2897

From R $ 3099,90 per

in cash

For a small business that needs a complete platform!

Everything from the basic business kit

Advanced SEO

Config. Blog, Store, etc.

6+ more pages

Technical assistance (3 months)

$ 1597

From R $ 1799.90 per

in cash

This third plan is for an entrepreneur who is on the rise and looking for a more robust website.

Everything from the basic kit

Complete SEO

Apps Configuration

2 more pages

More complex design

$ 3699

From R $ 3490,90 per

in cash

An advanced kit for a company that needs everything and more

All of the unlimited business kit

Advanced SEO

Complete configuration

12+ more pages

Technical assistance (6 months)

Some more things we would like to inform you :)

all sites are adaptable and responsive!

This means that you will have a 100% adaptable website for mobile devices, such as cell phones, tablets and computers. This is essential so that customers can trust your brand and buy your products and services in a practical and quick way.

we install up to 24x in the card by PagSeguro

You can purchase your dream website and pay as convenient for you. Oh, and even 3x is interest-free! We also accept PicPay, PayPal and Mercado Pago.

it is necessary that you already have your visual identity.

For a good website, we will need to have a good color palette and a good logo so that we can make the website as professional as possible. We use these items as a basis. Don't have a logo and visual identity? We do it for you. Enjoy and order together with your website!

you can assemble your custom order!

We can do something 100% for you and your business. You can order your kit by clicking on the BUDGET button at the bottom of this page or by clicking here .


Let's start?

Request your budget. It's free, simple and easy. And you can call us on WhatsApp if you prefer. Just click on the little button on your lower right and we'll talk about your business.

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