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The purpose of the visual identity was to provide a modern yet traditional image for the Pet Shop.



PeakTails is a North American pet shop focused on selling natural, healthy and preservative free rations for dogs and cats, as well as sustainable and modern products such as toys and accessories for pets.


The goal is to make the brand reliable in the eyes of the customer, who seeks a serious company and committed to the quality of its products, while also being concerned with the sustainability and health of animals.

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The visual identity directed to veterinary clinics and petshops generally has a playful and playful tone, characteristic of domestic animals. The fun and playful colors often do not fit certain business standards, as is the case with a veterinary laboratory.

The owner of the patient pet is usually apprehensive about his pet, which may be very sick, to the point of being between life and death and it is at this moment that the laboratory, with its seriousness and commitment, comes into the picture.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Here is the immense importance of a clinic having a trustworthy appearance that gives credibility to the pet owner, after all the company should always put itself in the customer's shoes and remember that if you were in this person's shoes, you would probably look for the most reliable place possible to solve your pet's problem.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Passing confidence, professionalism and seriousness are some of the goals when making a visual identity, after all, having a brand positions your veterinary clinic and automatically passes on a good reputation, which is extremely important for the good performance of the business.

For this reason, we kept sober tones in the visual identity, prioritizing seriousness and professionalism and putting a final touch with the paw on the logo to bring it back to the focus of the enterprise, but without a playful aspect.

We are a family owned and operated business.

I usually explain here the purpose to show you the importance of creating a brand with a professional who understands the subject, because we will target your brand in the most strategic way possible and this is fundamental for the success of a company.



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