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The visual identity of the children's store should bring the sweetness and nature of childhood in the form of clothes.



Amanda whom Manda is a brand of children's dresses for girls. The idea is to remember that a child should dress like a child, so the clothes are cheerful and colorful, with many characters and magical creatures!


The idea was to create the mascot Amanda who plays as a princess in her own world, made by her imagination, in addition we created a logo in the form of a coat of arms, which refers to royalty, without losing the modernity and subtlety of children.


# F7E6E6


# D6D6D6

# F2B1BD

# FFD6E5


We live in a time when people grow very fast but do not mature that fast. Children can barely walk and are already using tablets, games and using social networks as adults. They already have the addiction of adults before they even develop.

And what about the use of makeup, heels and bras in children, because it is a "girl" thing? Children need to live their childhood as such, without going beyond their maturing process.

The Amanda whom Manda has the mission of bringing childhood back to the girls , dressing them comfortably with dresses, like little princesses and the way they should be, with colorful clothes, playful prints and bringing the child's imagination as a car- head of the brand.

We are a family owned and operated business.

It is extremely important that a children's brand is positioned. I always hit this key because children's brands must also be educational and influential, after all the children's parents always seek the best for their children.

Having your own visual identity and brand positioning is essential for the success of the brand. Amanda who Manda has all the necessary aspects to leverage and be successful because she positions herself and puts herself in the place of moms who buy clothes for their daughters, only the visual identity was missing.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The visual identity increased sales considerably, since the professional appearance conveys the image of reliability, which wins the customer's trust in the brand and makes him buy more. So, if you have a children's store and you don't have your brand yet, don't delay, look for your brand and visual identity as soon as possible!

Look for the creation of your visual identity and win more customers. Request a quote by clicking here .

We are a family owned and operated business.


Retouching existing logo

Business Card

Customized Mascot


Prints for Fabric

Receipt and Budget

Square Tags

Round Stickers


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