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Pink2Cake needs to convey the feeling of sophistication and delicacy.



Pink2Cake is a confectionery focused on highly sophisticated and handmade decorated cakes for parties and events. Cassia Lima, who is a cake designer, needed a visual identity that would speak to her work of such delicacy and sophistication.


We use a cursive font to convey the feeling of lightness and sensitivity, along with the butterfly, which also gives this feeling and is one of Cah's favorite symbols. We use the rose for its name and for the delicacy that the rose transmits.

# cd84a2

# fde0ef

# f9f7f7

# 65534f

# c8bcbc


Confectioneries have always been a very strong niche bet, but in recent years this has only grown even more, which we can think that if the company does not have a defined positioning and visual identity that reinforces its concept, it will be at the mercy of the market , thus becoming a commodity.

Commoditys are companies that sell standard products, with fixed prices. This means that the customer does not choose the company by the brand, but by the price of the product: the cheaper the better.

We are a family owned and operated business.

That's not what you want for your company, right? So, here is the importance of investing and always investing in a nice appearance and a good position on social networks.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Sell ​​cakes, wonderful sweets, all confectioneries sell. But do you have what is different? What is your differential in relation to other confectioneries? What special gift do you give your customer that keeps them coming back?

We are a family owned and operated business.

Know that it is so important that an excellent service / product and service is to know what you have different. Therefore, seek your space in the market in a creative way, through branding and visual identity design!

The importance of choosing a defined target audience is tremendous so that we can create the best visual identity possible. In the case of Cássia, her clientele ranges from upper-middle class people to famous people and, with that, we were able to transmit the company's needs plan to the visual identity.

A more cursive logo, more elaborate tags, with a shabby chic vintage look that reminiscent of luxury wedding parties are a way to convey this message to your audience.



Business Card


Receipt and Budget

Square Tags

Rectangular Easter Tags

Round Stickers


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