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Mariana is a lawyer and works with family law. He needed a visual identity that would match his niche and target audience



Mariana Mendes is a lawyer and works directly with family law, one of the niches of civil law and seeks to give tips and information about it on social networks. Taking into account that its target audience, the vast majority are adult women, already mothers, who seek information, we decided to create a feminine and delicate visual identity.


The logo is 100% text, without drawings. We made a submark (alternative logo) with delicate handwriting, reminiscent of the tie that makes association with the logo. The colors were chosen by Mari, which seeks elegance and sophistication in its visual identity, attracting a target audience that agrees with the business purpose.

# d7a29c

# f4c3be

# 909090

# fef4f4


To become an excellent digital influencer, regardless of the area of ​​operation, it is not enough to just have excellent content. It is necessary to have a set of factors that contribute to the success of your social network, whether on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Mari is an excellent lawyer and will have excellent content to be disseminated in her communication channels, but we believe that a visual identity will give an even greater boost to her work, highlighting her among so many other professionals in the field, who are really very good , do not have their own brand on the internet.

We are a family owned and operated business.

We believe in the potential of an excellent visual identity and we did our best to make Mari and her Instagram pump and be very successful! Are you also a digital influencer and haven't provided your visual identity yet? Be sure to request a quote below the "Request a Quote" button, it will be a great pleasure to transform your business.




Instagram Stories and Highlights

Submark for Profile Picture (Alternative Logo)

Art for Social Networks (Facebook - Cover and profile photo)


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